Top 10 Major Plane crashes in aviation history

top 10 Aircraft crashes
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Plane crash and disappearances under mysterious circumstances is now commonplace. It is so due to world connectivity. We live in a world dominated by communication technology. A small event in any corner of the world spread like wildfire across the globe owed to the revolution in communication. While tracking devices like radar and satellite tracking systems, sensors and so on are capable of documenting event and incidents in the stratosphere, electronic media are equally efficient in sending them viral. Humans own devices and equipment that can browse ocean floor and comb rugged terrain. In spite of amazing achievements in science and technology, we are still confronted with difficulties, and mind-boggling issues and problems that pose greater challenges to human knowledge and even defy it.

We quite often hear news of plane crash and disappearances. Though modern planes are equipped with devices like cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder to make the job of investigators easy and help them find lead, yet causes of some of the plane crashes remain unknown or hotly contested, fiercely debated and even totally rejected. There may be several reasons for plane crash and disappearances within our knowledge and beyond them. Based on the little we know of it, we have developed systems and equipped air and ground facilities to avert tragedy. But our efforts in averting air disasters and preventing disappearances leave a lot to desire. Now, we have a look at top 10 mysteries plane disappearances and crashes below.