Discover the truth: 10 facts about North Korea

ten facts about North Korea
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North Korea is perhaps the only reclusive nation on earth. Under the yoke of communism, run by ruthless dictators, the country in the Korean peninsula subject to dynasty rule throughout its history is practically shut off from the outside world. Driven by the Juche ideology of Kim Ul Sung, the grandfather of the current ruler, the country is now led by Kim Jong-Un. South Korea walked down the lane of Western capitalism and the North trod the path of Juche communism. The regime of Kim Jong-Un is perceived as a threat to Western values of democracy and thus western nations remain apprehensive of its nuclear ambitions. Inside the country, if one is to go by the Western version of it, it is one of poverty-ridden nations, and its people are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. So, how is the country faring under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un? Now, we take a look into the country and see what it is to be like a North Korean.