7 most haunted places of the world

Castle of Good Hope- South Africa

castle of good hope
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Castle of Good Hope is the largest and oldest colonial building of South Africa. The castle was built in 1966 and was occupied in 1974. The Castle was the site of gruesome punishments, torture and executions. Because of the bloody history of this castle, ghostly presence is inevitable in this colonial building. It is believed that the castle is haunted by the ghost of a soldier who hanged himself from the bell tower over 300 years ago. There is also a ghost of a sad-faced woman wearing old grey cloak who walks through castle at night. Another ghost who is seen at functions in ballroom is lady Anne Bernard clothed in the ballroom gown of that era. Guards and staff at the castle have witnessed numerous ghostly sightings. One night a guard heard screams and pleads of help coming from the dungeon and torture chamber. Most of the guards refuse to go to the dungeon when doing shifts late night as they reported to feel a force acting as a vacuum inside the dungeon trying to suck them in. Guards reported to have heard footsteps on the archway near Donker gat dungeon and one of the guards even saw someone waving at him though he was alone at the palace.